Providing Interim IT Consulting

A no-nonsense, “Straight Talking” IT Consulting approach to Interim Business and Operational Change!

Moving IT from the Dark Ages

Helping Transform the CIO Organisation for the 2020’s and beyond !

BPO and Shared Services

Choosing Near-Shore, Off-Shore, In-house or Outsourced

Helping you tread carefully around these options!

Interim CIO Services

Business Change Management

Providing Interim IT Programme Management Services for the CIO Office. Delivering IT Operational cost reduction, global vendor/ supplier management and accelerated IT change or transformation.

Cloud Brokerage Services

“Horses for Courses”

Cloud services are available from many players some highly secure and resilient for the most discerning business, but there are also Cloud solutions that address the cost competitive SME market. We can help!

Shared BPO Services

Near-shore, Off-shore, In Country

The 2014/15 period has seen a mighty thrust towards outsourcing non-core back office and non-revenue generation functions from both the large corporate and small business players.

Years IT Experience

Consulting Experience


Globalwide Engagements

Business areas of focus
  • Interim IT Transformation Consulting 89%
  • Contact Centre; BPO Shared Services; Outsourcing 72%
  • Global Technology Vendor Management 58%
  • Cloud Brokerage Consulting 45%
  • Telecoms Financial Assessment Analysis 33%

Ending IT-as-a-roadblock and preventing 'Shadow IT' !

IT leadership is about proving value to the COO by intimately understanding the business issues while traversing technology.

The Shift from 'Cloud never', to 'Cloud maybe' now 'Cloud First'

Technology Leaders who say ‘Cloud never’ are part of the 50% of IT leaders who won’t be CIOs over the next five years

As the CIO role is invited to join the boardroom table the IT function needs to change with it, becoming more agile, faster & delivering results that will enable corporate revenue growth. Craig Ashmole

Founding Partner, CCServe Limited

Interim IT Consulting

There is an abundance of skilled experienced quality people that have been removed from the corporate market due to austerity measures. This is a valuable untapped resource that can deliver quick but efficient change the the IT corporate arena. Take advantage of it! More>

Cloud in the Contact Centre

It is refreshing to see the acceptance of cloud services in the Contact Centre reducing cost, and addressing the myths of security worries to be a thing of the past. More>
The CIO role is changing from the IT ivory tower “push back” to a more accepting agile and flexible approach that address the demands driven by social media and supports CMO needs. Craig Ashmole

Founding Partner, CCServe Limited

General Interim Consulting News Items

CIOs benefiting from Interims

4 key objectives CIOs can benefit from using Interims to deliver less politics, and more action Interim skills are often used as a means to this end as a quick injection of high visibility change or transformation especially where a CIO has brought an interim in to...

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IT cost benefit analysis

IT cost benefit analysis: Why it matters and how to do it right Don't try to do a cost/benefit analysis by yourself. There are many hidden costs that only someone in the department where the system will be deployed could know about. Don't be a...

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Hiring the old guy

Do you or don't you, hire ‘the old guy’! From a interim consulting perspective it is simple. First, we get the satisfaction of a job well done. Second, we get the opportunity to pass on well-earned knowledge and subject matter experience to...

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Customer Service Effort

Great Customer Service Requires Very Little Effort Many of these improvements or innovations seem insignificant, some have been implemented by Financial Service organisations but added up these can lead to huge improvements. LinkedIn Why the...

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Data Centre Managed Services

Five network security market trends that matter for Managed Services Matt Hurley, Juniper Networks' corporate Vice President of Global Channels, argues that now is the time to adapt your network security managed services playbook LinkedIn It’s...

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Changing Data Centres

Traditional data centre’s are undergoing many revolutionary changes as we head to the 2020’s Cloud is leading to new innovation in infrastructure and the way enterprise IT gets work done. New software delivery models mean products are being delivered through the...

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