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“One needs to think Strategically, act Tactically, drive Methodically and deliver Technically”, states Craig Ashmole Founding Partner of London based IT consultancy, CCServe Limited. “If we do this we will provide value to those executives that hire us, because we understand what needs to be done, can demonstrate the courage to do it, and use our experience to do it technically right.”


We focus our attention on customer experience; this is essentially the experience that is ‘perceived’ by customers of ones business. If one gets this wrong then you will inevitably drive customer away.

So put another way it is about the ‘right’ use of technology, along with ‘business best practice’ to achieve what your customer’s desire.

My exposure to the CIO layer has convinced me that many CIOs in the digital twenty twenties need to have broader experience than has typically been required in the past. The digital business of the twenties focus on how technology can create new business models, products or services, but old school CIOs often fail to understand how to take the IT department along that road. The modern CIO has to be able to contribute to the overall debate on how an organisation can use technology to create value and grow revenue. CIOs need to be able to engage with the C-Suite and collaborate across all stakeholders ensuring that they are able to set the overall direction of the organisation’s investment in IT while understanding the business drivers as opposed to being an IT gatekeeper.

In the Contact Centre space we often come across business environments setup to be more complicated than really needed, often missing the basic business processes or key technology that would make the difference to a customers experience with that call. We are in a Digital world where social media is king, and a brand can be quickly dragged through the mud if issues are not addressed immediately. All customers should have the same experience no matter what channel they choose, mobile, social media, email or telephone to contact your business.

Many businesses fall into the trap of fighting fires trying to fix many little issues as they arise, we look at the bigger holistic picture and wider scope of business process, to ascertain where that business might be failing. Coming into a business on short term interim assignments to bolster skills or experience. With many man years experience under our belt, something that cannot be taught in a classroom over a few weeks, we assess the situation and provide answers to transform your environment quickly and cost effectively.

We are a no-nonsense “Straight Talking” IT Consultancy focused on transforming IT departments to the Digital world of the Twenty Twenties and beyond!

Rethinking IT Transformation for the 2020's !

Moving the CIO Office into the Twenty Twenties and beyond !

Driving IT Operational change, from the “Old World” to the New

“CIO’s of the 2020’s will need to be business oriented board level people with a clear understanding how technology will drive new revenue and growth for the business”, says Craig Ashmole, Founding Partner of London based IT consulting CCserve. “Most CIOs I meet today tend to be far too absorbed in their IT department; they need to think strategically, act tactically, drive methodically while delivering technically.” Craig Ashmole

Founding Partner, CCServe Ltd

According to TechTarget’s 2015 annual IT priorities survey the outlook for information technology shows a strong emphasis on cloud, with budgets to grow by 6.7% worldwide in 2015. Disaster recovery, data centre consolidation and business intelligence (BI) continue to receive funding according to the report. Mobility and cloud services are among the main newer technologies that will get more attention this year. Mark Schlack

SVP of Editorial, TechTarget

According to CEB, the leading member-based Executive advisory, the total IT spending for 2015 is anticipated to grow 3.3% from the last year, with both total IT spend & staff levels outpacing expectations. IT budget data, from 200 global organisations representing $75 billion show CIO’s plan to invest funds in improving experience of their internal customers, building new collaboration capabilities, & improving data analysis capabilities. MORE> Prashast Gupta

Quantitative Associate, CEB Advisory

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