Bringing Together The Best Teams

Finding The Correct Resources For Your Requirements

Craig Ashmole

Founding Partner, CCServe Ltd
CCServe Limited provides no nonsense ‘Straight Talking’ IT and Business Operational transformation. We cover IT departmental change and BPO Contact Centre Outsourcing consulting services removing all the vendor marketing hype.

  • Interim IT Change Consulting 85%
  • Outsourcing BPO Refresh Strategy 70%
  • Cloud Brokerage Services 45%

Harold Groothedde

CEO, ITEXACT – IT Transformation
ITEXACT is a Consultancy specialist in major company-wide IT transformation. We drive the strategy, broker the technology solutions and deliver the associated programs needed to deliver effective business IT transformation.

  • Interim Business Transformation 85%
  • Data Centre Transformation 70%
  • Microsoft Unified Comms 43%

Nick Kotze

Managing Partner, Red Adair Ltd
Provide services to trace and correct IT faults from user to application & supporting IT cloud infrastructure. Our bespoke software allows a unique insight into application behavior, while maintaining Cisco, Juniper and Checkpoint.

  • IP Telephony Consultation 80%
  • Infrastructure Tech Support 40%
  • Telecoms Network Applications 45%

Nick Cuss

Managing DIR, NCCiT Telecoms
Providing our Global clients with Telecoms, we have built an engineering team who understand and can confidently undertake a wide and fully comprehensive range of technical services, Telecoms network connectivity across the globe.

  • Telecoms Networking Connectivity 60%
  • Telco PMO Services 55%
  • IT Transformation 35%

Timely Support

One of the key objectives we drive in all our engagement is to deliver on time and under budget. We don’t hit you with 100’s of pages of documents.

Innovative Ideas

We bring the best innovative and cost effective solutions to the table, focused at driving cost containment and bespoke services to bring your IT dept, into the digital world we now live in.

Advanced Technology

We have built bleeding edge Virtualised Data Centre server farms, to rolling out Microsoft 365 unified communications to global corporate businesses.

Clear Consise Communication

All our engineering resources and Programme Managers are senior experienced and skilled individuals who bring many years of IT Transformation to your business needs.

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