Changing Landscape of Tech Services

Changing Landscape of Tech Services

Mobile & Social Trends coming together to drive Technology Services

Mobile devices, social business apps, and business analytics are converging with the Cloud to create the most substantial changes in technology since the Internet revolution. This convergence is setting the stage for a new way of working, collaborating and leveraging business information. The business world won’t change overnight. As with any technology paradigm, there will be early adopters and laggards. But this train has already left the station, and businesses that aren’t on board may jeopardise future competitiveness.

As in the changing technology arena, companies need to be agile and move quickly in adopting new Tech trends. Slow cumbersome IT Change Programmes will enable competition to get ahead so a critical element to IT Business Transformation is the speed at which your IT department moves with the times.

“Boutique consulting houses are getting ahead of the big boys in the consulting arena [Big4 Consultants and System Integrators] as smaller consulting companies tend to be more agile and flexible therefore quicker to respond”, says Craig Ashmole, Founding Partner of London based CCServe Consulting.

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