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The CIO Challenges

We are finding more often than not, that CIO’s are becoming much more accountable to the board of their respective corporation. With a growing number of CIO’s at the Corporate Board Table of firms who have recognised the importance of aligning IT strategy to the business growth. This mind shift change puts additional demand on senior level skilled individuals to support the CIO in delivering the digital migration path of the IT Department.

Day-to-Day Utility Services Outsourcing

Consider moving out or outsourcing operational back office services such as Desktop hardware and software support, including telephony support, Level 1 IT desktop support services. These are non profit and non revenue growth areas for the business and many cost effective BPO suppliers can provide this. Cost saved in IT Operational reduction can be channeled into new services growth areas.

Data Centre Hosting - 'Big Data' Management

The hosted Data Centre arena has grown dramatically over the past 5 to 8 years driven by the growth of cloud services and server virtualisation technologies. There are many competitive providers, including the Big’3′ – AWS, Google and Azure, where one can rapidly move core business applications to – look to explore that early in the transformation process.

Cloud based SaaS and Service offerings

Whether you like it or not Cloud is here to stay and is becoming very secure – embrace this change, begin with moving non-core or less critical applications and services to be trialed in the cloud or outsourced. Choose whats better ‘private or public cloud’ depending on your business requirements. We see a dramatic move within the Contact Centre arena who are now moving into hosted cloud solutions especially as the VoIP market matures reducing budgets from Capex to Opex.

The Interim Solution

The CIO Office often requires the need to bring together short term experienced individuals in a knowledgeable and structured manner to formulate new digital friendly solutions in order to address the business demands as the CMO’s Digital Marketing & Social Media requirements merge with historic IT Business operations. Interim resources are a great source to provide short term top-up for the new IT department changing from ‘Old school’ operations.

Balancing new and existing Operational Skills

As the CIO office looks to import more Digital services into it’s organisation there are often a skills mismatch. Interim consultants can provide this as a top-up service till the right resource is found. Often some migration or change skills are only required as a project of change rather than full time which can easily be provided by interim services. Migration to new IT operational structures will create disruption to keep an eye on.

Knowledge Transfer and addressing Culture Change

As the IT operational migration takes hold some existing staff will embrace change and re-skill their knowledge others will fight the change and be disruptive, so using interim resource usually helps the process to move in the right direction. Experience cannot be learned in a classroom, take advantage of seasoned senior interim resources who have see it all before and don’t carry the politics.

Operational skills transfer / shrinkage

When back office functional services are migrated to outsource firms look to retain your best IT players spending time on people management and further training programmes for those you want to keep. Have a open and clear communication strategy as you change as lack of communication often leads to anxieties and staff churn. Senior interim management should be positioned as a change support mechanism not as staff replacement.


Programme Management


Technology Refresh

Interim Days Engaged

Years Experience

Programme Success Factors:

Customer service expansion ease

The hiring of staff for the business in their home country was restrictive and costly, so a new location was selected in the Philippines which opened up a vast source of available skilled staff to build the Shared Services BPO Centre.

Rebuilt From from Scratch

The Challenge was creating a new business entity with aging communication technology.  The Telecom supplier came up trumps and provided new leading edge SIP based services providing an easy technology migration for the programme.

Multi-Million US$ Savings over 5 Years

The project enabled the business to rapidly build and deliver additional growth and drive more revenue whilst greatly reducing operational spend. Post deployment the projected savings to the business are multiple tens of US$ millions.

Sample Client Project:

Low Cost Off-Shore Shared Services BPO

This was a “Cradle-to-grave” project engagement, from initial business case ROI sign-off, then searching geographically for the new off-shore location, to managing the construction of a new +700 seat BPO site followed by implementing the technology fit-out.

This project engagement focused on a split of Technology refresh and succinct Operational Programme Management.

Overall Project Deliverables and Results

  • Growth of Agent Head Count 100%
  • Business Growth Potential by Year 2 52%
  • New Lines of Business Growth 42%
  • Targeted Cost Saving 28%

The Results Were Amazing

This 18 month project engagement enabled us to build a justifiable ROI business case for the client board approval, followed by providing agile PMO services in the successful construction of a new +700 seat Shared Services site. This programme has enabled the client to open new areas to grow business and comfortably sourcing staff. Important in maintaining healthy margins in a fiercely competitive FMCG market.

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