Outsourcing & Shared Services

Global Flexibility

Outsourcing into the right geography will open up doors to staff operational cost containment, resource availability and also build on Disaster Recover programmes. A rapidly growing region for English speaking Outsourcing is the Philippines.

Key Cost Containment

Cost improvement between 20% to 40%, while also increasing productivity largely dependent on geographical location chosen and language needs. Consider BPO’s with in-country and near-shore sites.

Targeting the Business

Companies are now focused on revenue growth, so pure operational functions such as Desktop support, Email management, Mobile Device Management or Help-desk including HR functions are targets for outsourcing.

Strategic Advice

The CIO of the 2020’s will  be allocating increased budgets to Digital projects and reductions to functional day-2-day support. Build a transition strategy to move non revenue services into BPO facilities. CIOs should work closely with the CMO in this process.

Build Business Continuity into your Strategy
One of the key benefits to building outsourcing strategies is the fact that you can build a robust Business Continuity (BCP) plan into your support services by creating global networked Contact Centre sites. Call flows between locations become key elements of strategy planning – done ‘right’ using Design Thinking principals will deliver results.

Gartner Magic Quadrant - Contact Centre BPO

Read the 2015 report from Gartner on the leaders, Visionaries and Challengers for the BPO Customer Management Outsourced Contact Centre / BPO

Next Dragon in the Asian BPO Market

In the 2014 Tholons International Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, Report the Philippines’ National Capital Region surpassed Mumbai, in the overall ranking, placing the Philippine region in third place.
2014 was the year outsourcing became cool again…
Looking ahead, we expect that the outsourcing market will continue to grow, as organisations slowly regain confidence post-recession. The challenge for buyers will be to understand how they can get the most value from their outsourcing efforts, and to understand the real business impact. We believe that this will start to gain momentum through 2015.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre Infrastructure

Contact center infrastructure vendors continue to expand their solution offerings to include broader features and delivery models.

Philippines the next Dragon in Asia

The information technology – business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry in the Philippines is growing by about 25% a year, and investors see the country as the “next Asian dragon,” Commissioner Ivan John Enrile Uy of the Commission on ICT in the Philippines. Uy said many of the world’s largest companies operate the biggest services centers in the Philippines, which is why the IT-BPO industry here continues to grow. In 2013, the industry employed about 525,000 people and had generated more than US$9.1 billion in export revenues and in 2015 it is expected to have more that 900,000 people in the Outsource market.

Game Changing Cloud based Contact Centres

Contact Centre and IT leaders have been searching for better and more cost-effective ways to help customers without forsaking efficiency and productivity. The answer for many lies in the cloud. While it took contact centres close to 15 years to get comfortable with cloud-based solutions, many have been won over by the flexibility and benefits, and the freedom from having to implement and maintain hardware and platforms. Fundamentally, the cloud is simply an alternative acquisition or delivery model for contact centre or customer service systems and applications.
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