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CIOs benefiting from Interims

4 key objectives CIOs can benefit from using Interims to deliver less politics, and more action Interim skills are often used as a means to this end as a quick injection of high visibility change or transformation especially where a CIO has brought an interim in to...

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IT cost benefit analysis

IT cost benefit analysis: Why it matters and how to do it right Don't try to do a cost/benefit analysis by yourself. There are many hidden costs that only someone in the department where the system will be deployed could know about. Don't be a...

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Hiring the old guy

Do you or don't you, hire ‘the old guy’! From a interim consulting perspective it is simple. First, we get the satisfaction of a job well done. Second, we get the opportunity to pass on well-earned knowledge and subject matter experience to...

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Customer Service Effort

Great Customer Service Requires Very Little Effort Many of these improvements or innovations seem insignificant, some have been implemented by Financial Service organisations but added up these can lead to huge improvements. LinkedIn Why the...

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Data Centre Managed Services

Five network security market trends that matter for Managed Services Matt Hurley, Juniper Networks' corporate Vice President of Global Channels, argues that now is the time to adapt your network security managed services playbook LinkedIn It’s...

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Changing Data Centres

Traditional data centre’s are undergoing many revolutionary changes as we head to the 2020’s Cloud is leading to new innovation in infrastructure and the way enterprise IT gets work done. New software delivery models mean products are being delivered through the...

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CISO moves to the top table

The CISO moves from the basement to the boardroom Five to ten years ago, the C-suite really didn't have a relationship or a dialogue with the information security team or CISO leader, that's changing rapidly now that businesses rely so heavily on their on-line sales...

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Interim Consulting Demand

IT contractor demand at highest point for over a year The demand goes up as projects that were in a holding pattern prior to the Brexit kick off. Its never been a better time for IT Interim Consulting experts to top up those programmes needing rapid transition....

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How PMs succeed in procurement

How project managers can succeed with procurement management Procurement management is an area of increasing focus as more companies are outsourcing due to benefits that include cost savings, decreased administrative burden, increased efficiencies, and improved access...

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Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure launches 3 new tools to speed migration to hybrid cloud and optimize deployment All of Microsoft's recent infrastructure initiatives point to making Azure easy to consume. Microsoft isn't forcing a single way to consume infrastructure, and is meeting...

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Website Hacking on the increase

Here are the top 6 ways websites get hacked, according to Google While 84% of webmasters who "apply for reconsideration" with Google were able to clean up their sites, the recent Google post has said, 61% were never alerted by Google that they had been hacked. So do...

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Bad Management affecting your business

How to avoid hiring bad managers If there's a standout department where attrition is inordinately high, this could point to a manager who isn't connecting well with his or her staff. Departments with troubled management also tend to show reduced rates of productivity,...

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Breaking bad news to stakeholders

8 steps to breaking bad news to difficult project stakeholders "Open Transparent communication is not easy and often creates a lot of unessessary stakeholder noice, but the right amopunt and style of communication will deliver great returns", states Craig Ashmole,...

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Cloud Migration done right

Lessons on How Juniper Networks made the switch in the cloud and what you can learn Its time for the CIO community to take notice of the benefits that some technology can bring their businesses. Take advantage of lessons learned from those that are ahead of the game....

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Is Interim Management Dead

Is the market changing the way that we engage and work with the use of Interim Management? In an age of business disruption, where there are no certainties - as macro forces combine to place intense pressure on organisations across the spectrum - there is a necessity...

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Is contracting the future

Is tech turning contract work into the future of employment? The big difference, is there's a shift towards work as a transaction versus a relationship. Not only do business want work done in small pieces, but a consuming audience wants to do that. Businesses are...

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